My name is Kate Dalton. I am currently living in Melbourne, and I am 19 years of age.

I completed my Victorian Certificate of Education in 2015 and received a Dean’s Scholarship to Swinburne University of Technology where I am currently completing a Bachelor of Media and Communication (Professional); majoring in Public Relations.

Throughout high school I played an active role in our college’s sister school relationship with Chouzhou Middle School in Yiwu, China. I housed two students during their visit to Australia in 2012 where I shared the Australian culture; promoting the Australian lifestyle, cuisine and education. In 2013 I travelled to Yiwu where I was immersed in Chinese culture; sitting in on classes, providing interviews to local television stations and newspapers, speaking to the Education Minister and living with a family from the school. During this trip I aided in strengthening the international relationship between our two cultures and institutes; receiving an in-depth insight into the lifestyle of international school students.

I have worked in small businesses; building and strengthening my interpersonal skills in customer service and communication; serving customers, placing orders for stock, working with coworkers and running functions where I learned to adapt to different situations such as wakes versus birthday parties. I completed work experience at the Melbourne Montessori School, teaching highly achieving children in an alternative learning method.

I therefore have experience working with people and businesses; both locally and internationally, and have begun to develop skills required for cross-culture communications and public relations, of which I am very interested in working in.


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